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Someday, Mr. Keene referred to as all of the scholars and academics jointly and acknowledged, "This is a very good, tremendous university! to any extent further, let's have institution on Saturdays too." after which there has been extra. institution all weekend. tuition at the vacations. university in the summertime! What used to be subsequent . . . institution AT evening? So it really is as much as Tillie to teach her well-intentioned valuable, Mr. Keene, that even if his superb, superb college is a superb position, it isn't nice, high-quality to be there for all time.

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If they’re struggling, take a look at Chapter 3 ‘A Survival Guide to School’ to see what you can do to help. • Remember that they may have difficulty with many household jobs. Help them as much as you can by installing some of the gadgets I wrote about earlier. 40 CAGED IN CHAOS • Don’t be afraid to laugh. Along with lots of patience, a sense of humour is my family’s wonder weapon against the difficulties caused by dyspraxia. What is life if you can’t sink to the floor and split your (metaphorical) sides occasionally?

62 CAGED IN CHAOS • Make your own alphabet out of Plasticene or some other soft, pliable material. Use it to spell out words that you have trouble with. • Jumble up wooden letters, close your eyes, and try to spell words by touch. • When you’re learning a new word, colour it inside your head. Rainbow – the ‘r’ and the ‘a’ are red, the ‘in’ is deep indigo, the ‘bow’ is bright blue. When you have to spell the word, the colours – hopefully accompanied by their letters – will jump to mind. • Spell the words out loud, taking one step for each letter.

Charlotte, 16 How many of you really enjoy going to school? Most kids are bored halfway to madness in some lessons and don’t get on with certain teachers, but for teenagers with learning differences this mild dislike can congeal into a mixture of hatred and dread. I have spoken to dyspraxic adults who remember lying awake on Sunday nights feeling sick to their stomachs because of the week that lay ahead. Even though things are slowly changing for the better, many children with co-ordination disorders feel that they’ve had more than their fair share of education by the time they reach secondary school.

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