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By Cyndi Sand-Eveland

ISBN-10: 1770492941

ISBN-13: 9781770492943

Mel and her mom, Cecily, understand what it’s prefer to stay tough, even if it’s at the streets or within the residence of an abusive man.When Cecily declares that they’ve had sufficient and they are going to move domestic to her mother’s, Mel desires of safety, a comfy mattress, and a grandmother’s love appear to be approximately to return real. yet a few blunders can't be simply forgiven or erased. Her grandmother isn't really what Mel expects, and although the neighborhood library deals sanctuary, a true domestic turns out past her grab. Mel’s choice to upward thrust above what destiny has dealt is ready to alter that.

Cyndi Sand-Eveland’s paintings with homeless adolescence offers her characters an authenticity no reader will disregard. eventually, a narrative of desire and reputation, A Tinfoil Sky is a strong, can’t-putit- down novel.

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Mel and her mom, Cecily, recognize what it’s prefer to dwell tough, no matter if it’s at the streets or within the house of an abusive guy. whilst Cecily proclaims that they’ve had sufficient and they are going to move domestic to her mother’s, Mel desires of defense, a comfy mattress, and a grandmother’s love appear to be approximately to come back actual.

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She began making lists in her head. As each list came to an end, she began another. She listed every book she could remember reading and every poem she’d memorized. She began spelling words, as many as she could that began with a, then b, then c, then d. She continued the list-making all night long, never stopping for fear she’d fall asleep and not hear Cecily’s call when she came looking for her. 9 Waiting for Cecily As the first bit of sun reached over the horizon, Mel stretched her aching arms and legs.

She had decided on the way to Riverview that she would call her grandmother Grandma, the proper name for a grandparent (and not Gladys, the name Cecily used). With each step, she recommitted to that idea. 5 Knock, Knock “You knock,” Cecily said as she backed away from the door. Mel took in a deep breath, stepped forward, and knocked. The sounds of a TV filtered through the varnished wooden door. “Louder,” Cecily whispered. Mel knocked again, this time striking the door with enough force to make her knuckles hurt, but the pain only fueled her excitement.

We can’t. ” Both the book set and the journal had been a gift from Cecily for Mel’s twelfth birthday. It was one of the few times Cecily had been able to afford to get Mel the gift that she had wanted. It had felt too good to be true. In the weeks since her birthday, she’d read all of the books except one, The Last Battle, the final book in the series. She’d been saving it. What Mel also knew was that with the pillow and blanket now off of her bed, anyone walking into the room would see the outline of her journal under the sheet that covered the mattress.

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