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By Adams, John; Jefferson, Thomas; Jefferson, Thomas; Ferling, John E.; Adams, John

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It was once a competition of titans: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, heroes of the innovative period, as soon as intimate buddies, now icy antagonists locked in a fierce conflict for the way forward for the U.S.. The election of 1800 was once a thunderous conflict of a crusade that climaxed in a impasse within the Electoral university and resulted in a challenge within which the younger republic teetered at the fringe of collapse.

Adams vs. Jefferson is the gripping account of a turning aspect in American heritage, a dramatic fight among events with profoundly various visions of ways the kingdom might be ruled. The Federalists, led by way of Adams, have been conservatives who preferred a powerful important govt. The Republicans, led by means of Jefferson, have been extra egalitarian and believed that the Federalists had betrayed the Revolution of 1776 and have been backsliding towards monarchy. The crusade itself was once a barroom brawl every piece as ruthless as any sleek contest, with mud-slinging, scare strategies, and backstabbing. The low element got here while Alexander Hamilton published a devastating assault on Adams, the top of his personal get together, in "fifty-four pages of unremitting vilification." The stalemate within the Electoral university dragged on via dozens of ballots. Tensions ran so excessive that the Republicans threatened civil battle if the Federalists denied Jefferson the presidency. ultimately a mystery deal that modified a unmarried vote gave Jefferson the White condominium. A devastated Adams left Washington sooner than sunrise on Inauguration Day, too embittered even to shake his rival's hand.

With magisterial command, Ferling brings to lifestyles either the outsize personalities and the hotly contested political questions at stake. He exhibits not only why this second was once a milestone in U.S. heritage, yet how strongly the issues--and the passions--of 1800 resonate with our personal time

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Philip J. Lampi of the American Antiquarian Society was more than generous in sharing his expertise on early American elections in general and the election of 1800 in particular. I benefited enormously from the work of Sue Warga, my copyeditor. I am grateful too that the staff of the Adams Family Papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society and William Fowler, the president of the MHS, have graciously granted permission to use numerous quotations from their unpublished collections. I am deeply in debt to Angela Mehaffey and her staff in the interlibrary loan office at the Ingram Library of the State University of West Georgia for their unflaggingly gracious assistance in meeting what at times must have seemed to be my unending requests.

21 Once ratification was achieved, Pinckney shunned national office for years, pleading that his family’s financial ruin would follow if he remained absent from his law office, although he attended his state’s constitutional convention in 1790 and sat in the South Carolina legislature. He declined President Washington’s offer to become secretary of war in 1794 and the following year refused his entreaties to be secretary of state. However, in 1796—at age fifty and at last financially comfortable once again—he accepted Washington’s call to serve as the United States’ minister to France.

25 President Adams was the only candidate in 1800 who had never owned a slave. Jefferson and Pinckney owned scores of chattels, while in the past Burr, oddly, had been a slave owner even while striving to abolish slavery in New York. For three decades or more Adams had possessed the financial means to own slaves, but he wished no part of the repugnant institution and refused even to hire chattels to work his farm at Peacefield. Now, as the presidential carriage clattered into Washington, he saw slaves everywhere, toiling at the river’s edge, working at construction projects, struggling with the cargoes of overladen wagons, and transporting their owners about the emerging city.

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