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By M. C. Flemings, R. Mehrabian (auth.), John J. Burke, Robert Mehrabian, Volker Weiss (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461583004

ISBN-13: 9781461583004

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ISBN-13: 9781461583028

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SPLAT ON Ni SUBSTRATE (from reference 3) DROP S~lASH ON Fe SUB STRATE (from reference 4) PRESSURE CAST IN STEEL r40LD (from reference 5) DIE CAST IN STEEL MOLD (from reference 6) 1. 2. 3. 4. TECHNIQUE 1 . 8 x 105 1 . 1 x 1 0 5 to 2. 8 x 10 5 h. " C r ~ c CI) o R. MEHRABIAN ET AL. 24 aehievable eooling rates - heat of fusion did not have to be removed during solidifieation. As expeeted, for small Biot numbers temperature gradients in the melt are negligible, Figure 4 (a) and the linear portion of the eurve in Figure 5.

Chakravorty and R. Mehrabian, Met. 'Trans. B, 1978, Vol. 9B, p. 221. 12. S. C. Hsu, S. Kou and R. Mehrabian, submitted for publication to Met. Trans. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This research is being sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and monitored by the Office of Naval Research under contract # N00014-78-C-0275. Technical monitor of the contract is Dr. B. A. MacDonald. LASER PROCESSING OF MATERIALS B. H. Kear, E. M. Breinan, & E. R. Thompson United Technologies Research Center East Hartford, Connecticut 06108 ABSTRACT This paper presents an overview of developments, old and new, in the technology of laser processing of materials including transformation hardening and surface alloying, welding, cutting, drilling, rapid solidification processing, pulse annealing, shock hardening, laser assisted machining, and laser controlled surface reactions.

Onee he%t tran~fer 2 eoeffieients in these proeesses are maximized, h = 10 to 10 Wjm K, further improvements in eooling rates ean on1y be obtained at the expense of redueed speeimen size or thiekness. The rapid surfaee melting and solidifieation teehnique, via direeted high energy sourees, has its own limitation on speeimen size and thiekness, even though the melt is intimate eontaet with its own substrate. High eooling rates during solidifieation are only aehieved at the expense of high absorbed he at fluxes, redueed heat affeeted zones and melt depths.

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Advances in Metal Processing by M. C. Flemings, R. Mehrabian (auth.), John J. Burke, Robert Mehrabian, Volker Weiss (eds.)

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