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Anatomy is a technology which, to lots of its scholars, is couched in phrases that are obscure, being drawn from different languages, cultures and eras. Many have came across a leap forward in comprehension of the topic via a fuller figuring out of its terminology because the phrases used are in simple terms basic descriptions of anatomical constructions yet in an unexpected language. it's the target of this e-book to supply all who research anatomy with an easy reference consultant to such phrases so that their comprehension of the topic will be improved. this isn't easily a dictionary of anatomical phrases, even if there's a primary alphabetical word list. quite, a variety of phrases were passed over from this thesaurus and grouped jointly by means of universal subject matters right into a sequence of fairly brief sections on the entrance of the e-book. during this approach, cross-referencing inside those issues is made a lot more straightforward due to the fact all comparable entries are in a single position. The record of contents is a really invaluable indicator and advisor to the positioning of observe. a number of anatomical buildings also undergo the identify of an individual with whom they've got turn into linked. even supposing using eponyms is now discouraged, their use isn't extinct and so an inventory is supplied on the finish

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An area or surface. ) A small area. (Dim. ) From earm (OE): an arm. That which raises. ) The raiser of a hair. A small smooth muscle bundle attached to the hair follicle that when contracted causes goose flesh (cutis anserina). ) (PI. ) A very small artery with a diameter of less than 200um. ) A vessel conveying blood from the heart. ) (It was believed for many centuries that arteries contained air and the veins, blood. ) A joint. (From artus (L): a joint. ) Rough. ) Star-shaped neuroglial cells, also called macroglia.

Pisiform Pea-shaped. ) Trapezium Four-sided. ) Trapezoid Four-sided, like a small table. ) Capitate Head-shaped. ) Hamate Hooked. ) Former names of some of the carpal bones Scaphoid Lunate Triquetral Pisiform Trapezium Trapezoid Capitate Hamate Metacarpals Navicular Semilunar Cuneiform (None) Greater Multangular Lesser Multangular Os Magnum Unciform After-the-wrist. ) Bone names and their meanings Phalanx (phalanges) 25 From phalanx (Gk): 'a band of soldiers'. The Lower Limb The innominate bone Ilium Ischium Pubis Femur Patella Tibia Fibula Tarsus Talus Calcaneus Navicular Cuneiform Medial Intermediate Lateral Cuboid The unnamed bone.

The external ear; a saccular appendage of the left atrium. (From auricula (dim. ) (Auricle is also the obsolete term for an atrium per se. ) The essentially self-regulating nervous system dealing with vegetative functions. ) The armpit (or axillary fossa). ) The process conducting action potentials away from the nerve cell body. ) The vein running on the right side from abdomen to thorax. (From a (Gk): not + zygos (Gk): yoked or paired. ) This term was first used by Galen. B Basilar Used to refer to something situated at the base of another structure.

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