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Moreover, Polanyi states, “On the nature of the economy Aristotle’s starting point is, as always, empirical. ”56 In other words, Aristotle’s conceptualization of the economy was in response to the incipient market, which had practices establishing no “rational link” to his “sociological” approach. ”58 That is to say, he was aware of the belief that some thought, namely Solon, the desire for wealth was considered to be 55 Polanyi, “Aristotle Discovers the Economy,” 97-100. , 97. , 96, 100. , 113.

Hence the absence in early society of the ‘economic connotation’ of scarcity, whether or not utilitarian goods sometimes also happen to be scarce. For the rarest prizes are not of this order. 83 Booth also criticizes Polanyi for not seeing the concepts of surplus and economizing behavior in Aristotle’s economics. The latter is especially associated with formal economic analysis. As regards surplus, Polanyi thought that surplus played a role in the ancient economy. ”85 For Polanyi, surplus was contained and not oriented toward boundless gain.

I have supplied the references to claims that may be less familiar to the reader. ”50 Never mind Aristotle’s awareness of supply-demand-price mechanism, Finley argues, “Nowhere in the Politics does Aristotle ever consider the rules or mechanics of commercial exchange. On the contrary, his insistence on the unnaturalness of commercial gain rules out the possibility of such a discussion, and also helps explain the heavily restricted analysis in the Ethics. ”52 This initial stage in understanding Aristotle’s economic thought is principally concerned with whether or not it qualifies as “scientific” economic analysis.

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