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New PDF release: Radar Made Easy

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The entries that translate to blank strings are designed to be used for conditional text inclusion. You can also use the ifdef, ifndef and endif System macros for conditional inclusion. 5 Block Element Definitions The syntax and behavior of Paragraph, DelimitedBlock, List and Table block elements is determined by block definitions contained in AsciiDoc configuration file sections. Each definition consists of a section title followed by one or more section entries. Each entry defines a block parameter controlling some aspect of the block's behavior.

Configuration file [attributes] sections. • Intrinsic attributes. Within each of these divisions the last processed entry takes precedence. Important If an attribute is not defined then the line containing the attribute reference is dropped. This property is used extensively in AsciiDoc configuration files to facilitate conditional markup generation. Attribute Entries The AttributeEntry block element allows document attributes to be assigned within an AsciiDoc document. Attribute entries are added to the global document attributes dictionary.

386 This directory holds MS-DOS. System startup code for DOS. 1 hack. Explanation • The callout marks are whole numbers enclosed in angle brackets that refer to an item index in the following callout list. • By default callout marks are confined to LiteralParagraphs, LiteralBlocks and ListingBlocks (although this is a configuration file option and can be changed). • Callout list item numbering is fairly relaxed — list items can start with , n> or > where n is the optional list item number (in the latter case list items starting with a single > character are implicitly numbered starting at one).

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