Australian Fish Farmer: A Practical Guide to Aquaculture, by John Mosig, Ric Fallu PDF

By John Mosig, Ric Fallu

ISBN-10: 0643068651

ISBN-13: 9780643068650

ISBN-10: 0643091025

ISBN-13: 9780643091023

A realistic consultant that covers very important features of aquaculture together with food, breeding, fish overall healthiness, harvesting and advertising.

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Similar operations have been planned for yellow fin tuna and kingfish. See chapter 23 for more information. Another form of feedlotting is being carried out with abalone and is based on growing abalone in cages set on the seafloor. The farmer grows the type of seaweed that abalone enjoy and feeds it to the abalone on the cages. The design of the cage ensures good tidal water exchange and that predators are kept out. Feedlot operations can be expensive to establish and operate. There may be an opportunity to feedlot other commercial species but the value would need to be high to warrant the risk and the outlay.

The irony is that when natural food production is at its best the ponds are at their most vulnerable. However, being caught by a plankton collapse is avoidable! If the farm is in a district subject to irregular conditions, during the height of the season the farmer should keep an eye on the weather map and ease off the nutrient input at the first sign of a low-pressure system and/or exchange the water in the pond. The pond may have to be flushed out to remove some of the phytoplankton. Water should be monitored for any unmanageable swings in water quality.

Plankton What role does plankton play in the pond’s food supply and what effect does it have on water quality? Phytoplankton Phytoplankton provides the foundation upon which the natural food web in a water body is anchored. Plants need light and nutrients to grow. The density of the phytoplankton in ponds is driven by the availability of these two inputs. The sun provides the light. Nutrients are compounds containing elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K). Nitrogen and phosphate are both natural by-products of fish and crustacean growth.

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