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By Gert Heller (auth.), Jürgen Faust, Kurt Niedenzu (eds.)

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The current factor, quantity 2 of "Boron Compounds" 4th complement of the Gmelin Hand­ booklet, updates the former concerns by means of reporting the literature on boron-oxygen structures released as much as 1988. For a few very important contemporary advancements literature is roofed via mid-1992; this issues, for instance, the compounds ~-Ba3[B306h and U[B305J which grew to become of curiosity as fabrics with nonlinear optical houses. the quantity without delay com­ plements the sooner "Boron Compounds" third complement quantity 2. within the unique literature, replacement formulations are usually used for a similar com­ pound. this can be very true for lots of borates. frequently, those species are neither thoroughly heteropolar nor covalent, and an experimentally established selection has now not been made. consequently, using brackets doesn't unavoidably replicate a really salt-like personality. quantity 1 (systems with hydrogen and noble gases) of this actual complement can be released to that end, while quantity 3a (boron and nitrogen), quantity 3b (boron and nitrogen, boron and fluorine), and quantity four (boron compounds containing Cl, Br, I, S, Se, and Te, in addition to a bit containing carboranes) have already been released. All volumes of the 4th complement might be augmented via a formulation index. The IUPAC nomenclature is usually adhered to; thf capability tetrahydrofuran; and occa­ sionally extra abbreviations for compounds are defined within the textual content. confident indicators for chemical shifts of the NMR indications exhibits downfield shifts from the references, often inner (CH3)4Si for olH and 013C with others being specified.

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The Raman spectra of cadmium borate glasses were also analyzed. Increasing the CdO amounts, the formation of nonbridging oxygen containing groups was detected. A band at 1385 cm- 1 is attributed to a triangular 8-0 stretching, a band at 805 cm- 1 to a breathing vibration of the boroxin ring, a band at 775 cm- 1to other six-membered borate rings containing one tetrahedral boron, and its shift to 760 cm- 1has been associated with the formation of sixmembered borate rings containing two tetrahedral boron atoms [38].

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