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By J. Gregory Keyes

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For Alfred Bester, "the Corps was once mom, the Corps was once father."But now, his Corps was once doomed . . .Under the ruthless command of Alfred Bester, Psi Corps's reign of terror reached unspeakable new heights--and touched off a civil struggle one of the telepaths.  Corps minions fought renegade defectors--a new resistance flow made up our minds to overthrow Bester's vast regime. however the tide was once destined to show . . .Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan intervenes to prevent the bloodshed as a brand new Psi Corps rises from the ashes. Its first project: to seek down and neutralize struggle criminals, members equivalent to Bester himself. as soon as feared around the galaxy, the scary hunter turns into the fleeing prey--with Michael Garibaldi in scorching pursuit. Underground and at the run, Bester builds a brand new existence at the ruins of his mystery, sinister previous. yet because the forces of justice--and vengeance--close in, he needs to confront the hell he created, make a choice from quit or survival at any price, and get ready to make his ultimate stand . . .There is not anything as harmful as a predator who has been cornered and has not anything left to lose.The lovely finale to the hot epic trilogy that uncovers the key heritage of the Psi Corps.

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His ships, his people, unstoppable. He trembled, with the thought of what he had been. He brought down governments, diverted rivers of destiny to fill new oceans. Without him, the Shadows would have won, destroyed all of humanity. That never seemed to come up, at the hearing. He had never seen it once in any of the gory stories about him. Sheridan knew. Sheridan the hero, the one honest man. He knew, but remained oddly silent. Garibaldi knew, too. Of course Garibaldi wasn’t a big-picture sort of man.

Nothing works like that. ” “Well. Magazines don’t get printed without money. ” Bester shrugged. ” “A few. ” Jean-Pierre pulled out another cigarette and lit it with a Narn touch-wand. “I give up. ” Bester smiled. “I’m not incorruptible. ” “Well, it works out the same, yes? Very well. ” Jean-Pierre frowned. “This is not your magazine, Mr. Kaufman. ” “I’m sure you do. ” He smiled in such a way as to cast doubt upon that. He made a stop on the way home. When he arrived, the hotel’s little café was full.

Searched under the mattress. Nothing. He reached to pat under the bed, and his fingers touched something small, cool, smooth. ” He got a cloth from his pocket and reached again, came up with a smafl cylinder. “This is an ampoule,” he grunted. He stood and lifted it toward the light. ” “Or on my gravy train, anyway. Yeah, I’ve got a guy I want to see this. And Thompson, I don’t want you talking to anyone about this—understand? ” Niles Drennan was a slight, stiff young man, the sort you could never really imagine cutting loose and having fun.

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