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By Dave Galanter

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Whereas exploring a area of uncharted house, the U.S.S. Voyager is ambushed and compelled into provider as a part of the Edesian Fleet in a warfare that turns lethal whilst it is chanced on that the enemy -- the Gimlon -- have constructed a brand new super-weapon in a position to destroying whole worlds.

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Like her captain, the Voyager tensed as she approached the unknown. "Defense fields energized. " Lieutenant Tuvok's voice was a calm baritone. Vulcan-calm. "Intensify scans. " Janeway let her glare lock on the rushing starscape of the forward viewscreen, as if human eyes alone could watch ships that sensors only saw as shadows. The captain pushed herself up and over toward the Ops station, where Harry Kim leaned into his console, shaking his head, frustrated. " the captain prodded. "It's there, Captain, all over the sector.

New encounters were always a tightrope walk between too much caution and too much risk. " Chakotay rose too. " Janeway nodded slowly. "No argument. But we have a reputation in this quadrant now, Commander. A bad one, as far as some are concerned. " "Captain, they're trying to herd us. " Paris was annoyed. The starscape on the viewscreen wheeled by as he tried to maneuver Voyager between the approaching ships. Now visible on the main screen, the alien vessels looked large, bulky, and rocket-shaped, with dark hulls that nearly blended into the blackness of space.

Warning, level one radiation contamination-Radiation level dropping. " "Some of your crew will need to undergo decontamina-tion. Perhaps even ourselves," Lekket said. Janeway nodded. She'd been outbluffed. But she'd taken steps for even this contingency, and while this round was lost, the fight would go on. Lekket stooped and retrieved the packet Janeway had dropped. He handed it back to her, and when she refused to accept it, he held it close to his tunic. " Janeway nodded, bolstered her phaser.

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