Biological Aspects of Brain Tumors: Proceedings of the 8th - download pdf or read online

By Mark A. Israel (auth.), Kazuo Tabuchi M. D. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 4431681507

ISBN-13: 9784431681502

ISBN-10: 4431681523

ISBN-13: 9784431681526

Growth job of mind tumors, metabolism of mind tumors, mind tumors and cytokines, drug resistance of mind tumors, oncogenes and anti-oncogenes, simple experiences in mind tumor biology and treatment are offered during this book.

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Other mutants with compromised neurovirulence are worthy of testing and the construction of viruses containing several mutations may further decrease neurovirulence while retaining the desired properties of glioma cell killing. Other mechanisms of cell selectivity may also be explored, including the use of cell-specific promoters for genes essential for viral replication. Additionally, the herpes virus has a much larger genome than retroviruses, thus the ability to use the herpes system not only for cell killing but also for gene transfer and cell modulation should also be considered.

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Biological Aspects of Brain Tumors: Proceedings of the 8th Nikko Brain Tumor Conference, Karatsu (Saga) 1990 by Mark A. Israel (auth.), Kazuo Tabuchi M. D. (eds.)

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