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By Lois McMaster Bujold

If his enemies could simply depart him on my own, Miles Vorkosigan (alias Admiral Naismith) determined bitterly, the Dendarii unfastened Mercenary Fleet could cave in all by itself. yet his enemies have been plotting a extra lethal fall.

For a few unexplained cause the Dendarii payroll is lacking and the orders from the Barrayaran Imperial Command are being not on time through Miles's better, Captain Galeni. What connects the impeccable unbearable Captain Galeni and the Komarran insurgent expatriates in the world besides? however the most threatening query of all sooner than Miles is extra own: are Miles's identities, Admiral Naismith of the Dendarii and Lieutenant Lord Vorkosigan of Barrayar, splitting aside alongside the traces of his divided loyalties? And who's attempting to assassinate which model of him?

whilst Miles unravels the solutions, then the problems relatively begin.

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Sit down. Take a deep breath. Hold still for five minutes. ” Miles made one more circuit of the computer room, then flung himself into a chair. “Why hasn't Galeni called me yet? ” “So, give the man time to go to the bathroom and get a cup of coffee. Give Galeni time to read his reports. This is peacetime, everybody's got lots of leisure to sit around writing reports. ” “That's the trouble with your government-supported troops,” said Miles, “you're spoiled. ” “Wasn't there a mercenary fleet that did that once?

Inquired the Earther with interest. Miles fancied he could see the price rising in his eyes. “Not at all,” Miles lied blandly. Rumors afloat about the Dendarii's liquidity difficulties could sabotage a lot more than just this repair deal. “Very well. ” If he wasn't to have the use of his funds, neither should Kaymer. Beside him, Elli Quinn drew air in through her teeth. The Earther engineer and the mercenary leader shook hands solemnly. Following the sales engineer back toward his own office, Miles paused a moment by a viewport that framed a fine view of Earth from orbit.

It was a cool, trickling sort of sculptured thing, with color-coordinated ferns and mosses. Red-gold shapes moved mysteriously in the shadowed waters. Miles stiffened, then forced his spine to relax. A young man in black Cetagandan dress uniform with the yellow and black face-paint markings of a ghem-lieutenant approached, smiling and watchful. They exchanged wary nods. “Welcome to Earth, Lord Vorkosigan,” murmured the Cetagandan. ” Miles shrugged. “I've been assigned to the embassy for my, ah, education.

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