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By Roger MacBride Allen; Isaac Asimov

ISBN-10: 0441090796

ISBN-13: 9780441090792

Prior to his dying in 1992, Isaac Asimov conceived the next move in robotic evolution: Caliban. In a universe secure by means of the 3 legislation of Robotics, people are secure. Robots are sure by way of legislations to deal with and to obey them. but if an test with a brand new kind of robotic is going awry, Caliban is created. he's with no guilt or conscience--and he has no wisdom of or compassion for humanity.

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Look, you can see the empty space along the wall on the rear end of the room. They rolled it over there when they weren’t using it. So why is it out in the middle of the room? “ „The clear implication is that there was a robot in it recently,“ Donald said. „Yes, I agree. And notice the empty space on the center of the empty worktable. About the right size for another robot there, too. Unless they moved the same robot from the table to the rack, or vice versa. Maybe that was the motive for the attack?

His datastore was mute on both of those subjects, and many others besides, but on the whole it was a splendid guide, telling him any number of things about the city through which he walked. He wandered everywhere, eagerly looking about at everything, marveling at all things. And if stars and litter were not explained, many other things were. More often than not, he could look at a thing, and wonder about it, and find that the datastore could identify it and explain it for him. He was content for some time to wander the city, passively absorbing whatever the datastore saw fit to tell him about what he saw.

It is not we Settlers who are holding you Spacers back. You are doing it to yourselves, with no need of help from us. You have had endless generations in which to colonize new worlds of your own. You could have peopled thousands of worlds by now. Instead you have but fifty worlds--forty-nine after this Solaria business. „We did not stop you from going on to further colonization. You chose not to continue. Nor are we preventing you from starting a new effort at colonization now. But instead of taking action, you choose to remain at home and blame us for moving outward.

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Caliban by Roger MacBride Allen; Isaac Asimov

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