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By Gregg J. Lumetta, Robin D. Rogers, Aravamudan S. Gopalan

ISBN-10: 0841217882

ISBN-13: 9780841217881

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ISBN-13: 9780841236608

Content material: Calixarenes for separations / C. David Gutsche -- pt. 1. Calizarene-cation crowning glory -- Extraction of cesium by means of calix[4]arene-crown-6: from synthesis to approach / J.-F. Dozol -- improvement of approach chemistry for the elimination of cesium from acidic nuclear waste by means of calix[4]arene-crown-6 ethers / Peter V. Bonnesen -- Radiation balance of calixarene-based solvent approach / R.A. Peterson -- habit of calix[4]arene-bis-crown-6 lower than irradiation: electrospray-mass spectrometry research and molecular dynamics simulations on Cs+ and Na+ complexes of a degradation compound / V. Lamare -- Interfacial positive aspects of assisted liquid-liquid extraction of uranyl and cesium salts: a molecular dynamics research / M. Baaden -- Benzyl phenol derivatives: extraction houses of calixarene fragments / Laetitia H. Delmau -- Calixarene-containing extraction blend for the mixed extraction of Cs, Sr, Pu, and Am from alkaline radioactive wastes / Igor V. Smirnov -- Calix[4]arenes with a unique proton-ionizable workforce: synthesis and steel ion separations / Richard A. Bartsch -- Separations of soppy heavy-metal cations by way of reduce rim-functionalized calix[4]arenes / Galina G. Talanova -- CMPO-substituted calixarenes / Volker Böhmer -- Binding of lanthanides(III) and thorium(IV) by way of phosphorylated calixarenes / F. Arnaud-Neu -- Lanthanide calix[4]arene complexes investigated through NMR / B. Lambert -- Bimetallic lanthanide supramolecular edifices with calixarenes / Jean-Claude G. Bünzli -- Molecular attractiveness through azacalix[3]arenes / Philip D. Hampton -- steel ion complexation and extraction habit of a few acyclic analogs or tert-butyl-calix[4]arene hydroxamate extractants / Timothy N. Lambert -- Calixarenes as ligands in environmentally-benign liquid-liquid extraction media: aqueous biphasic structures and room tempature ionic drinks / Ann E. Visser -- pt. 2. Calixarene-anion complexation -- Calix[4]pyrrole-functionalized silica gels: novel helps for the HPLC-based separation of anions / Jonathan L. Sessler -- decrease rim amide- and amine-substituted calix[4]arenes as section move extractants for oxyions among an aqueous and an natural section / H. Fred Koch -- pt. three. Calixarene compexation of impartial molecules -- Deep cavities and drugs / Dmitry M. Rudkevich -- Calixarene metalloreceptors: demonstration of measurement and form selectivity inside of a calixarene hollow space / Stephen J. Loeb -- Synthesis and structural research of thiacalixarene derivatives / Mir Wais Hosseini -- Synthesis and fullerene complexation reports of p-allycalix[5]arenes / Charles G. Gibbs -- Hydrogen-bonded cavities dependent upon resorcin[4]arenes through layout / Leonard R. MacGillivray

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Calixarene-crown ethers 1, 3, 5, 6, and 8 (Figure 1) were examined. A l l of these calixarene-crown ethers except 8 are soluble in the modified diluent; 8 was examined as a non-alkylated control to 1. The three bis-woctyloxy mono crown calixes 5, 6, and 3 were examined to investigate the reactivity difference between a simple crown, a benzo crown, and an alkylated benzocrown with nitric acid within a similar series of calixarene-crown ethers. The results are shown in Figure 4. The two calixarene-crown ethers possessing 4- tert-octylbenzo groups nitrated very quickly, with 1 giving 2 as the only nitrated product, and similarly 3 giving 4 (24).

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