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By Harry Henderson

ISBN-10: 0816051364

ISBN-13: 9780816051366

This article bargains with concerns concerning the subject of crusade and election reform. It examines questions akin to how applicants increase crusade money and what participants anticipate from them in go back and even if there could be felony limits on how much cash applicants can increase or spend.

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2 percent of the total votes cast). There have been charges that Illinois (with a Kennedy margin of only 9,000 votes) had been “stolen” from Nixon by the actions of the Democratic Party machines in a few districts, but Kennedy’s electoral vote margin of 303-219 indicates that he would have won even without the 22 electoral votes from Illinois. This type of result is caused by the fact that in all but two states, all the state’s electoral votes are given as a block to the candidate who gets a plurality in the state’s popular vote.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of this system is that it is unfamiliar and hard to explain. Proportional Representation The other alternative that appeals to many people seeking a more responsive politics is proportional representation. In the current system legislative districts (such as for the House of Representatives) have only one seat to vote for, so there can be only one winner. According to Steven Hill, associate director and cofounder of the Center for Voting and Democracy, this winner-take-all system confronts voters and candidates with the following dilemmas: If I win .

Thirty-two percent of survey respondents agreed that high campaign costs kept average citizens from running for office, while 31 percent agreed that there was a problem with special interest groups giving money to gain influence with candidates. As to what to do about the situation, the largest proportion (29 percent) thought that the most effective measure would be to limit the amount of money candidates can spend in an election. 4 When respondents to a 1996 Gallup poll were asked whether they favored or opposed particular reform provisions, 79 percent favored a limit on spending by House and Senate candidates, with only 19 percent opposed.

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