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By Herbert August Laitinen, Walter E. Harris

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Chem. , 43: 1112 (1921). H. S. HARNED and B. B. , app. A, Reinhold, New York, 1958. E. A. GUGGENHEIM and T. D. SCHINDLER: J. Phys. , 38:533 (1934). J. KIELLAND: J. Amer. Chem. , 59:1675 (1937). M. PAABO and R. G. BATES: J. Phys. , 74:706 (1970); 73:3014 (1969). T. H. GRONWALL, V. K. LA MER, and K. SAM)VED: Phys. , W:358 (1928); v. K. LA MER, T. H. GRONWALL, and L. J. GRIEFF: J. Phys. , 35:2245 (1931). J. 11 I2 13 14 I5 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 E. , . 26:93 (1925).

The ratio of concentration of solute in the solution to that in the gas phase, Mis/Mi,, that is, RT/y:VmoI,P:, is a distribution constant KD analogous to that in Equation (23-1). Hence The quantity KD is related to measurable quantities through the expression where Vi is the retention volume (Section 24-1) of component i, Vmthe volume occupied by the mobile gas phase in the column, and Vs the volume occupied by nonvolatile solvent in the column. Combining (2-34) and (2-35), we obtain RTV, R Tw, (2-36) (vi - vm) Vmo~arPiO (Vi - VmIPiOMs where ws is the weight of solvent in the chromatographic column and Ms its molecular weight.

EVERET~: Trans. , %:I609 (1960). P. J. FLORY: J. Chem. , 10:51 (1942). H. c. LONGUET-HIGGINS: Discuss. , 15:73 (1953). Y. B. TEWARI, D. E. MARTIRE, and J. P. SHERIDAN: J. P h p . , 74:2345 (1970). H. LIAO, D. E. MARTIRE, and J. P. SHERIDAN: Anal. , 45:2087 (1973); E. F. MEYER, K. S. STEC, and R. D. HOTZ: J. Phys. , 77:2140 (1973). G. N. LEWIS and M. , p. 338, revised by K. S. Pitzer a n d L. Brewer, M c G r a w - H i l l , N e w York, 1961. R. A. 278 x 10- M. 01 m &So4. 63) x lo-''. 55 x lo-'. 4 x (a) Using the DHLL and EDHE, estimate the solubility product, written in terms of activities.

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