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The term nightglow was subĀ­ sequently used to describe night-time airglow, and twilight glow to describe the emission observed when the sun appears to be below the horizon at ground level but is still in view from an altitude of 50-1 50 km. Most airglow features are extremely weak ; consequently common laboratory prism and grating spectrographs and spectrometers are not sensitive enough to be 38 EXPERIMENTAL METHODS used in airglow studies. It is necessary to work with instruments having a large aperture (typically f/1 or better) combined with reasonably high dispersion.

And Jursa, A. , in 'Handbook of Geophysics and Space Environments', Valley, S. , Ed . , in 'Physics of the Upper Atmosphere', Ratcliffe, J. , Ed . , Academic Press, New York, 1960 ; Hinteregger, H. , Annis Geophys. , 26, 547 ( 1 970). Purcell, J. D. , J. geophys. Res . , 65, 370 ( 1960). Ditchburn, R. W. and Young, P. , J. atmos. terr. Phys. 24, 1 27 (1962). Hasson , V. and Nicholls, R. , J. , B, 4, 1 789 (1971). Hudson, R. , Rev . Geophys. , 9, 305 ( 1 971). Watanabe, K . , Inn, E . C. Y . , J.

II, 68, 1 28 1 , 1 377 ( 1972)) have reported kinetic studies of oxygen and halogen atom reactions, using atomic resonance fluorescence in a flow system . 5 LABORA TOR Y STUDIES 47 of the 0( 1 0) atoms which result from 147 nm photolysis of 0 2 ; Izod and Wayne 2 8 used this as a means of generating 0 2(11:11 + ) in a flow system so that its reactions could be studied under flow conditions . c . discharge. Reactions of the metastable atoms themselves have been studied, and also the reactions of other excited species, notably N 2 (A 3 :Eu + ) and CO(a 3 Il), which are able to be produced in high yield by energy transfer from the excited rare gas atoms .

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