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Shareholders are assumed to have a firm idea of the return they require from their investments: this will be based in part on the performance of other similar investments. Generally, the source of this return will be the company's profits. As already mentioned, these can either be used to fund the payment of dividends or they can be retained and reinvested in the business. In either case, the shareholders' wealth increases. Income, in the form of profit, and capital, in the form of the market value of equities, are very much equivalent when considering a quoted company, because cash and shares are easily converted into one another by appropriate dealings on the relevant stock exchange.

3 B The fourth factor is enterprise or entrepreneurship. 4 False. Opportunity cost is defined as the cost of an item in terms of the alternatives forgone. Cost in terms of resources used is a reasonable definition of the accounting concept of ‘full cost’. Now try the questions below from the Exam Question Bank 8 Question numbers Page 1–2 425 1: The economic problem ⏐ Part A The goals and decisions of organisations Economic systems and organisations Introduction Most major industrialised countries have mixed economies, with both a large private sector and also a substantial public (or government) sector.

The owners have unlimited liability for the debts of their businesses. (b) This degree of risk is unattractive to many potential investors, so to enable them to invest and thus release more funds for wealth-producing enterprise, the legal systems of most countries provide for some form of limited liability enterprise. Such businesses are referred to as corporations or companies. In the UK, there are two forms of limited liability company. They both limit the liability of investors to the nominal value of their share holdings; however, they differ in the extent to which they are permitted to solicit investment from the general public.

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