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By Juan Orellana M.D., F.A.C.S., Alan H. Friedman M.D. (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1461393205

ISBN-13: 9781461393207

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ISBN-13: 9781461393221

Clinico-Pathological Atlas of Congenital Fundus Disorders is a concise but accomplished textual content encompassing the salient positive aspects of congenital anomalies of the vitreous, retina and choroid with their applicable pathology. the quantity is split into scientific sections facing a number of the elements of vitreo-retinal issues together with genetic, vascular, infectious, and neoplastic entities. precise, instructive illustrations are paired with corresponding textual content for speedy reference. Over two hundred illustrations increase the presentation, together with greater than one hundred ninety in colour. the fundamentals of anatomy, embryology, pathology and ocular genetics, in addition to tools of exam, also are mentioned. remedy guidance and visible diagnosis around out the dialogue. This ebook is a useful reference permitting the practitioner to fast evaluate the case to hand with the wealth of examples offered right here. the amount will educate the resident and refresh the training ophthalmologist in fast spotting the plethora of congenital illnesses of the eye.

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The potentials are measured in both the light- and dark-adapted states. The potentials elicited by the light phase of the testing period are divided by the potentials seen during the dark phase of the testing period and a value obtained. 85 are abnormal. Table 4-3 lists some of the conditions for which an abnormal EOG is to be expected. Visual Evoked Cortical Responses The VECP, also known as the VEP, reflects the integrity of the visual paths from the fovea through the optic nerve throught the geniculate bodies to the occipital cortex.

4-13 and 4-14). There are many causes of fluorescein blockage, for example, exudates (hard and soft), blood, tumors, melanin, lipofucsin, edema of the pigment epithelium, foreign bodies, and nonperfusion. The macula is normally hypofluorescent owing to xanthophyll pigment. Leakage or pooling of the fluorescein produces hyperfluorescence. It is also possible that structures within the eye appear to fluoresce with the administration of any fluorescein to the patient; this phenomenon is called pseudofluorescence.

The periphery can be examined using one of the mirrors, thus giving the examiner information on peripheral retinal relations and pathological details. The images seen in the mirrors are located 180 degrees opposite to the lesion in the mirror. The images are not crossed in the mirrors. The examiner should begin with the central view, examining the retrolental space and anterior vitreous. Thereafter the examiner must observe the remainder of the vitreous, looking for membranes, cells, or any other anatomical deviation from normal.

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