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By Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner, Yun-han Chu, Hung-mao Tien

ISBN-10: 0801857953

ISBN-13: 9780801857959

The worldwide development that Samuel P. Huntington has dubbed the ''third wave'' of democratization has obvious greater than 60 nations event democratic transitions due to the fact 1974. whereas those international locations have succeeded in bringing down authoritarian regimes and exchanging them with freely elected governments, few of them can as but be thought of good democracies. such a lot stay engaged within the fight to consolidate their new and fragile democratic associations. Consolidating the 3rd Wave Democracies offers an in-depth research of the demanding situations that they face.

In addition to the full hardcover variation, Consolidating the 3rd Wave Democracies comes in paperback volumes, each one brought by means of the editors and arranged for handy path use. the 1st paperback quantity, Themes and Perspectives, addresses problems with institutional layout, civil-military kinfolk, civil society, and monetary improvement. It brings jointly a number of the world's ideal students of democratization, together with Robert A. Dahl, Samuel P. Huntington, Juan J. Linz, Guillermo O'Donnell, Adam Przeworski, Philippe C. Schmitter, and Alfred Stepan. the second one paperback quantity, Regional Challenges, specializes in advancements in Southern Europe, Latin the United States, Russia, and East Asia, rather Taiwan and China. It includes essays by means of prime local specialists, together with Yun-han Chu, P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, Thomas B. Gold, Michael McFaul, Andrew J. Nathan, and Hung-mao Tien.

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To begin with, the remarkable pluralism of Spanish SOCIetY-Itself the result of the rapid socioeconomic development fostered by the regime of General Francisco Franco beginning in the late 1 95 0s:-meant that, by the time of that regime' s expiration, Spain was . a dIStInCtly modern society. It had already resolved some of the more intr�c �able problems that often bedevil democratization processes of other SOCIetIes and delay, if not derail, consolidation. These problems include the extreme income i nequalities that, as Terry Karl has repeatedly argued, are so prominent in the Latin American democratization picture and constitute an i mportant confining condition hindering successful democratization in the region ; 1 5 and the need for new democratic regimes in the former S oviet Union and in East Central and Southeast­ ern Europe to overcome the drawbacks of their totalitarian and post­ totalitarian legacies and foster the emergence of markets and general economic and social pluralism.

85/ 1 65 , European Uni versity Institute, Florence, 1 985). On t he impact of t he m od e of expiration of predecessor authoritarian regimes on their democratic SUCCllssors , see Robert Fishman, "Rethinking State and Regime: Southern Europe ' s Transition to Democracy," Comparative Politics 42 (April 1 990) : 422-40; and Linz and Stepan, Problems of Democratic Transition and Consolidation, 55-65. 2 1 . For a good analysis of t he reaction of t he smallholders in northern Portugal and their deradicalizing impact on the revolution , see Maxwell, The Making of the Portuguese Revolution, 1 3 1 -46, especially 1 3 2 and 1 37-42.

In practice, countries face the challenge of simultaneously addressing political, economic, and social problems and their complex-often unpredictable-interrelationships . The specific ways in which these variables intersect depend on the behavior of people, who act both as individuals and as members of social organizations . B ehavior is heavily influenced by culture, a crucial factor that should never be disregarded when analyzing a country ' s history or debating its prospects. Thus far, sustained economic growth has taken place only in capitalist market economies that are based on private property .

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