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7a), where the ground—air interface acts as a fairly impermeable medium. In the case with free-standing fluid above the surface of the permeable medium, the rate of discharge and recharge and the ability o f the overlying fluid to participate in the convection are all critical factors in determining the flow pat­ tern, and particularly the size or even absence of secondary circulation patterns near the discharge area. 'ui'ïl // 1 • ' ','Ίι , , 1 1 Heal source (b) Fig. 7. a. Possible temperature distribution in the Wairakei convection cell (after Elder, 1965).

These rocks, and the underlying oceanic crust, are likely to be low in lead and are thus associated with Cu or Z n - C u orebodies. For instance, as Hutchinson (1973) noted, the West Shasta deposits are low in the Devonian volcanic sequence and are Zn—Cu types. , 1956). On the other hand, the Triassic deposits of East Shasta, which contain 1—2% Pb, occur in felsic volcanic and sedimentary rocks overlying several km of mixed volcanic and sedimentary rocks ( A l bers and Robertson, 1961). In eastern Australia, the Upper Ordovician deposits near Bathurst are of Zn—Cu type, but the Lower Devonian deposits contain lead (Stanton, 1955).

Other associations. Another volcanic rock type that appears to be rarely mineralized is the island-arc tholeiite, though Horikoshi (1972) has concluded from chemical data that metabasalts of this type are associated with the Besshi pyrite—chalcopyrite orebodies in Shikoku, Japan (see also Mitchell and Garson, 1973). ) is very close to the time of the Kuroko mineral­ ization. Though all the Kuroko and sulphur—pyrite orebodies are associated with calcalkaline volcanic rocks and many Kuroko deposits lie in the high-Al basalt zone, it may be that the beginning of tholeiite volcanism triggered or accompanied the ore-forming processes.

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