Deadly Relations: Bester Ascendant (Babylon 5) by J. Gregory Keyes PDF

By J. Gregory Keyes

ISBN-10: 0345427165

ISBN-13: 9780345427168

The kid in their maximum heroes--he used to be destined to turn into their darkest enemy . . .In the twenty-second century, the invention of human telepaths ended in terror and bloodshed, and to the production of the Psi Corps--a executive company of elite telepaths who have been used to manage their very own variety. below the command of a power-mad flesh presser, the Corps turned a ruthless software of oppression, and the telepath underground was once shaped. Matthew and Fiona Dexter led the resistance to its maximum victories. but if they have been martyred for the reason, their basically baby was once claimed via the very forces that they had died opposing.Raised from infancy in the Psi Corps, Alfred Bester used to be a telepath of remarkable skill, made up our minds to make his mark by means of reworking himself right into a grasp of deceit. Schooled in hate yet stricken by shards of judgment of right and wrong, he wrestled with the seductiveness of the sinister reason he served. yet slowly stripped of humanity by way of the warfare among decency and betrayal, he surrendered his soul--and rose to develop into the main dreaded determine of his time . . . ebook within the gripping new epic trilogy that uncovers the key background of the Psi Corps.

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I... " "Your professors are worried about you. They don't think you have any friends. " "You didn't stay in touch with me," he corrected. "Al, you never liked us. We never thought you did. We thought you were happy to be away from us. and they asked you to do something with me. " She nodded. " It was the truth - he didn't feel angry at all. "No, I'm grateful. I used to wont' about having friends - everyone else seems to. " He broke off, remembering watching them the night before, remembering also the stolen feel of Julia's lips.

Al found he couldn't participate. He stood there, blinking at the world turned upside down, his heart clattering weirdly in his chest. Why were the adults allowing this? They were the ones in control - who would give that up? But then he caught something, a presence-watching. Approving. The director? It didn't matter, because he suddenly understood. The teachers weren't in charge, any more than he was. The Corps was mother and father, not any of the individuals in it. Teacher Hua's words began to make more sense.

Oh, well-yeah, I'm looking at the business school. Guess I'll be a busybody, like you always said. And you? " Al nodded. " "Well - good luck at that. " "Thanks. " As with Raphael, he wanted to say something else, but he wasn't sure what. It was a distinctly unpleasant feeling. "I have to get to class," Julia said. " "Yeah. Me too. " He flashed her a smile he didn't feel, then started off. " He turned, surprised to find her still regarding him. " "I... some of the old Cadre Prime is going on a hike, up in the Alps.

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