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By Thomas A. DeMassa

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Includes the main huge assurance of electronic built-in circuits to be had in one resource. presents whole qualitative descriptions of circuit operation through in-depth analytical analyses and spice simulations. The circuit households defined intimately are transistor-transistor good judgment (TTL, STTL, and ASTTL), emitter-coupled good judgment (ECL), NMOS common sense, CMOS good judgment, dynamic CMOS, BiCMOS buildings and diverse GASFET applied sciences. as well as specific presentation of the elemental inverter circuits for every electronic good judgment kinfolk, entire info of alternative common sense circuits for those households are provided.

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The n- and p-regions act as the capacitor plates. A small change in the voltage applied to the junction dVD causes a change in the space charge dQj. 7) where Cj0 is the capacitance under zero-bias conditions and is only a function of the physical parameters of the device. 8 Junction capacitance (in fF/µm2) as a function of the applied bias voltage. 8) Notice that the same capacitance value is obtained when using the standard parallel-plate capacitor equation Cj = εsi AD/Wj (with Wj given in Eq.

It is fair to state that in the reverse-bias mode the diode operates as a nonconducting, or blocking, device. The diode thus acts as a one-way conductor. 4 conditions. Depletion region Metal contact to p-region Minority carrier concentration p-region –W1 0 W2 n-region Wn x Minority carrier concentration in the neutral regions near the pn-junction under reverse-bias The most important property of the diode current is its exponential dependence upon the applied bias voltage. 5, which plots the diode current ID as a function of the bias voltage VD.

All the arguments made are valid for PMOS devices as well as will be discussed at the end of the section. The Threshold Voltage Consider first the case where VGS = 0 and drain, source, and bulk are connected to ground. The drain and source are connected by back-to-back pn-junctions (substrate-source and substrate-drain). Under the mentioned conditions, both junctions have a 0 V bias and can be considered off, which results in an extremely high resistance between drain and source. 13. The gate and substrate form the plates of a capacitor with the gate oxide as the dielectric.

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