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By Lee Killough

ISBN-10: 0345282671

ISBN-13: 9780345282675

It seems like undemanding suicide to Detective Janna Brill. Starship clothes shop Andy Kellener locked himself in his workplace after hours and took a deadly drug dose. yet Brill’s exasperating new associate Mama Maxwell thinks it’s homicide, and his leader suspect is Kellener’s companion Jorge Hazlett. the difficulty is, Hazlett has an hermetic alibi. In 2091's cashless society, each buy is made with a knowledge chip implanted within the individual’s wrist...and Hazlett’s financial institution files positioned him in a shopping center transparent throughout city on the time of his partner’s loss of life. To get their guy, Brill and Maxwell need to turn out Hazlett faked his buying spree...and very likely ruin legislations enforcement’s most sensible device due to the fact DNA for monitoring suspects!

“This is a grittily real looking police procedural set within the twenty first century. Don’t leave out this one.” Analog Magazine

“Like many procedurals the novel’s energy rests as a lot at the personalities of the police officers as within the fixing of the crime, and Brill and Maxwell make an exciting pair.” Locus Magazine

“Police Procedural SF is unusual — that makes Ms. Killough’s enjoyable romp all of the extra liked. The characters, plot, certainly the full destiny society are rather well constructed during this novel.” SF evaluation 34

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The computer screen said: what's the password? Jorge punched: Ruy Lopez ... run ... printout. The computer hummed. Facsimile pages began dropping one after the other into the tray. " Jorge made it a plea. " "It can. " Andy picked up the pages and began reading. At first his eyes raced down the sheet quickly, then with an almost audible roar of reversing fans, he stopped. He went back and began rereading, this time with slow care. After several pages, he looked up at Jorge in horror. "Good god, Jorge.

He did it with obvious effort. "It won't take long," Jorge added persuasively. " Andy gave in. "All right. " Now came the hard part. "And would you mind not telling Liann that I'm the one who is dragging you away? " "She won't be. " "I don't want to spoil that disposition, either. " Andy nodded. "All right, I'll make up some excuse that has nothing to do with you. " Jorge punched off the line. He headed for the door smiling in satisfaction. Now if the sligh could only carry off his part, the gambit just might work.

Vradel finished his drink. "And the rest is recorded in the disciplinary action in his jacket. He was suspended for six months, then sent to Cullen Village division. " asked Janna. "He's been doing good work in Soldier Creek, apparently. " Vradel chewed on his mustache. "He's collected a number of commendations over the years and he's been using his law degree to defend officers against charges brought by Internal Affairs. He's won more cases than he's lost. " She grimaced. " "You need a partner.

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