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15 лучших проектов из журнала Elertor Elektuur.Описание и принципиальные схемы на английском языке.

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CAN is ‘hip’ and few PLCs we have seen offer this connectivity. Here we use an MCP2515 CAN controller chip and an MCP2551 line driver. The CAN controller chip is connected ECIO peripheral pins set up to do SPI comms. There is also an interrupt pin, which is connected to ECIO pin RB2 and a chip select pin, which is connected to ECIO pin RB3. The CAN controller has its own 20 MHz clock derived from a quartz crystal, X1. The actual connection of the CAN bus to the ECIO is by way of K9, a 2-way PCB mount screw terminal block.

Construction The component mounting plan of the PCB designed for ECIO PLC is shown in Figure 2. As usual the copper track layout may be downloaded from our website for those with the wherewithal to etch & drill their own circuit board at home. All others will like to hear that the bare board is available ready-made from the Elektor Shop. No SMD components are used in this project so stuffing the board should be mostly plain sailing if you use care and precision in handling and soldering the parts.

It requires a 5 V supply, but as its consumption is quite high, the pro- Elektor5/2007 blockbusters - elektor electronics – EPLDs and CPLDs from ALTERA – EPLDs and CPLDs from XILINX VCC TCK 1 2 GND TDO 3 4 VCC TMS 5 2 1 TCK 4 3 TDO 6 5 TMS 8 7 10 9 6 7 8 10 GND 1k VCC TCK Target Altera Device TDO TMS TDI TDI 1k TDI 9 1k VCC VCC GND 060287 - 12 Figure 1. CPLD and EPLD (Byteblaster II) from Altera: 10-pin DIL connector. Software: Quartus II Web Edition, Quartus II Programmer [1] VCC VCC XILINX VCC 1 2 VCC GND 3 4 TMS GND 5 6 TCK GND 7 8 TDO GND 9 10 TDI GND 11 12 GND 13 14 1 2 3 4 TMS 5 6 TCK 7 8 TDO 9 10 TDI 11 12 13 14 TMS TMS TMS TDI TDO TDI TDO TDI TDO TCK TCK TCK GND 060287 - 13 Figure 2.

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