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This is more or less 'traditional' Judah, as it existed, with stable borders from the tenth century to the end of the eighth century BCE. Judah ruled this 'heartland', and most of the population was no doubt Judaean. I must stress that I speak here of Judah in a political sense, and will not discuss the problematic definition of ethnicity in ancient periods. The 'heartland of 1. I will not discuss the theoretical question of the relationships between artifacts and political borders, which is studied elsewhere (Kletter forthcoming d).

This was not a systematic excavation, and we lack full details of the contexts of the finds. It seems that Macalister had a preconception about the date of the JILs, and his dating was not archaeologically based. 4) from the City of David was dated to the Persian level 9, but it is broken and the level is not yet fully published. It seems that the JILs went out of use after 586 BCE. The very few JILs that were dated to later periods are likely to be intrusive or 2. The Date 43 misdated artifacts.

Many scholars think that Josiah acted independently and established a kind of a mini-empire in Palestine, and that Mesad Hashavyahu was seen as part of his kingdom (for some of the latest additions to this theory, see Galil 1992; Stern 1994; Suzuki 1992: 32-37; Laato 1992: 76). However, it seems that the site is somewhat later than his reign (Wenning 1989). According to another view, Josiah was a vassal king of Egypt (Na'aman 1989). After the Assyrian withdrawal (approximately 630-620 BCE), Palestine entered a period of upheaval, and Judah may have suffered the loss of certain areas before 586 BCE, through the hands of Edom or Babylon.

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