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By Andrew Reynolds

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It is a groundbreaking comparative examine of the influence of institutional layout on illustration, political balance, and inter-ethnic/racial lodging within the rising democracies of Southern Africa. reading the reviews of Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, the writer provides a bunch of unveiling conclusions that aid make clear the luck or failure of democratic layout in different fledgling democracies.

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After the first inclusive non-racial elections of 1980, Zimbabwe received her lowest ever ranking (a combined total of seven), but this still left the country only partly free. Since 1981, both political rights and civil liberties have declined to disappointingly poor levels. Zambia was considered free during 1991-2, but state respect for individual liberties and rights rapidly worsened returning the country to the partly free category between 1993 and 1996. (ii) Media freedom and influence Among the integral elements of democracy which underpin electoral choice, no single item is more important than the freedom of, and access 32 The Trajectory of Democratization to, mass communication, whether through the broadcast or print media or internet.

Directed at the newspaper the Post (formerly known as the Weekly Post), which ironically was one of the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy's first allies in the middle of 1991. Since 1993, various stories critical of Chiluba's government appearing in the Post have led to the repeated arrest and harassment of Post staff and its editor Fred M'membe, the ambush by gunman of a Post delivery truck, violent police raids on the newspaper's Lusaka offices, the occasional banning of publication, and the resurrection of an eighteenth-century British law inherited from colonial times which effectively allowed the Speaker of parliament (under Chiluba's direction) to detain senior Post staff for an indefinite period on the pretext of silencing dissenters for contempt.

A. a. 2% (1994-6) 5 5 4 " Figures given for Zimbabwe are for the first decade of multiparty politics (1980-9). During the pre-democracy years, 1969-79, PPP$ was 200. b Estimated for 1997. =not available, PPP$=purchasing power parities in $US; Growth=real GDP growth %; Inflation=consunier price inflation %. Sources: Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports (1989-96); Sylvester 1991: 99-101. 1, South Africa and Namibia, situated within a desert of economic impoverishment, stand out among the case studies as the only countries which are positioning themselves through moderate economic gains to realize robust and dynamic economies in the twenty-first century.

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