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Commander Benjamin Sisko is simply recuperating from the loss of life of his spouse whilst he's assigned command over the previous Cardassian, yet new Federation house station, Deep area 9. This area station is strategically situated not just as a result of its orbit approximately Bajor, but in addition as a result of its proximity to the single recognized reliable wormhole within the galaxy. After assembly the opposite Bajoran and Starfleet team of workers assigned to the station, together with a former Bajoran freedom fighter and a shapeshifter, Sisko unearths himself in that very wormhole and in the middle of a metaphysical adventure because the alien population of the wormhole query the suggestions of time and love. Sisko, choked with humanistic hubris, starts off to provide an explanation for those reviews, and get to the bottom of his painful previous.

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Now, you and I are going to have to—” He broke off as an alarm sounded on a nearby comm panel. Kira whirled toward it, pressed a control, then squinted at the schematic of the station that appeared on the monitor. A location on the map flashed red—a warning. The major hit another control, and the map metamorphosed into the image of a humanoid who was not Bajoran. A middle-aged man, Sisko thought at first, but there was something wrong with the monitor: the man’s features seemed slightly blurred, unfinished, almost two-dimensional.

Sorry about that, Commander,” he apologized, with a faint trace of Irish brogue. His face was broad, pleasant, open; damp golden brown curls clung to his forehead. Sisko liked him immediately, though he couldn’t say the same for the surroundings. A glance at the primitive gears and levers inside the open panel confirmed that this was far from Starfleet technology. ” “We would have transported aboard if we’d known you were having problems,” Sisko replied. The ensign grimaced as he struggled once more with the lever; the door began to close.

He shook the memory off, blinked, managed to find his voice. ” The Bajoran did not reply, merely watched placidly as the three continued past. ” Sisko was not the only one who had been devastated by his first sight of the ruined Promenade. Miles O’Brien had stared at it several times in the past few days and was still convinced he would never get used to the sight of it. He had made the foolish mistake of assuming he was completely over his anger at the Cardassians, but each viewing of the Promenade brought the memories of Setlik back full force.

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