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From the earliest engineers equivalent to Archimedes and Hero of Alexandria, heroes of the commercial Revolution like Eli Whitney and Alessandro Volta, and pioneers of the trendy Age with Henry Ford and Wernher von Braun, Engineers seems at greater than 80 of the world's maximum engineers — who they have been, what they did, and the way their initiatives formed the process human background.

The in basic terms booklet to add engineers from each period of human background and all disciplines of engineering — from civil engineering to area flight — Engineers comprises unique drawings and in particular commissioned images to assist light up the tales at the back of the nice milestones of engineering.

From aqueducts to bridges, monuments to constructions, and engines to movies, Engineers will attract readers of every age who're drawn to the facility of the pioneering mind.

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Pliny the Elder (23–79CE) describes an automated harvesting machine, in which the cutting shafts could be moved according to the height of the crop. The cut stalks fell into a container for easy collection; the edges of the machine’s frame were splayed out to prevent its wheels from becoming entangled in the stalks. Other advances, associated with wine and olive growing, included lever-operated presses for crushing, and a wine press, which combined a lever with a screw for more crushing power. CTESIBIAN PUMP This 16th-century reproduction of Ctesibius’s force pump for lifting water shows the pistons and cylinders made of bronze, just as Ctesibius had prescribed.

When he first demonstrated the device in about 132 or 138ce, the pendulum clanged, indicating that an earthquake had struck. Zhang’s critics, however, pointed out that no tremor had been felt. They were duly confounded when, a few days later, a messenger arrived to say that there had been an earthquake in Gansu Province, some 300 miles (500km) to the northwest—precisely the direction the seismograph had indicated. DISTANCE AND DIRECTION There were a number of other inventions attributed to Zhang, one of which was an odometer, used for measuring the distance traveled by a cart.

In Ctesibius’s version, the basic clepsydra vessel was fitted with an overflow pipe, and had an extra reservoir feeding water in from above, so that it was always full. This meant that the flow rate WATER CLOCK This woodcut of 1567 gives some idea of Ctesibius’s improved clepsydra, or water clock. These remained the most precise clocks for several hundred years. CTESIBIUS 31 CTESIBIUS WAS THE FIRST WHO FOUND OUT THE PROPERTIES OF THE WIND, AND OF PNEUMATIC POWER MARCUS VITRUVIUS POLLIO of water out of the vessel remained constant.

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