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By Forrest M. Mims 3rd

Illustrated with diagrams. Covers: Electroscope; Galvanometer; do-it-yourself Batteries; Graphite Resistor; Liquid Resistor; great Capacitor; Thermocouple; Small D.C. Motor Circuits; Inverse sq. legislations; gentle Listener; tracking solar; Electromagnetic Probe; Wind pace Indicator; Rain Sensors; digital Thermometer; movement Detector; place Detector; strain Sensor; Seismometer; earth circulation Sensor; RF Telemetry Transmitter; LED Telemetry Transmitter; digital Cricket; Analog info Logger.

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This condition will be met if where w~ is a weighting factor representing the ratio of the stochastic risk resulting from tissue ( T ) to the total risk when the whole body is irradiated uniformly; HT is the dose equivalent received by tissue ( T ) , and H u b is the stochastic dose-equivalent limit for uniform irradiation of the whole body. 1. The values are recommended as appropriate for the protection of any worker, independent of age or sex (para. 104-106, ICRP Publication 26). The value of W T shown for bone surfaces relates to endosteal cells and to the epithelium on bone surfaces (Chapter 7).

In terms of the principal objective of regulating the workplace to prevent exposure above the limits, the old system of ICRP Publication 2 and the new system of ICRP Publications 26 and 30 are substantially equivalent. The new ICRP system, however, lends itself to other applications not contemplated by the old system. The old system provided no explicit annual limits on intake of a radionuclide, or on accumulated dose from a deposited radionuclide-it provided only a limit on the attained dose rate (or radionuclide burden) after 50 years of continuous exposure.

The total dose equivalent averaged throughout any tissue over the 50 years after intake of a radionuclide into the body is termed the committed dose equivalent, H S O , which is therefore given by where M is the mass of the specified organ or tissue; and, for each type of radiation i; D50,i is the total absorbed dose during a period of 50 years after 7Excerpts are reproduced, with permission of the ICRP; section, table, figure, equation numbers, and references are as in the original. References from ICRP Publication 30 are not repeated here; for these, the original text should be consulted (ICRP, 1979a).

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Engineer's Mini Notebook: Science Projects (Radio Shack cat. No. 276-5018A) by Forrest M. Mims 3rd

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