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By D. Kealey

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Measure t he absor bance of each solution at 525 nm using distilled or Measure t he absorbance of the Fe(III) de ionized wat er as a r eferen ce. solution at t he same wave length. 1. b. c wnere A i s the measured absorbance of the Fe ( II 1) s ol ut i on, EFe is t he no lar absorpt ivi t y of Fe(III) , b is t he path Len gth of t he cell i n cm, and c i s t he co ncent r ation o f Fe( III) in 1ID1 dm- ö • 2. b , «] where A is t he unco rre ct ed absorbance for each of the sol utions . 3. Pl ot a graph of A agains t x and l ocat e the val ue of x wae r e t he extrapol ated c st raight - line portion s of t he graph int ers ect.

10). Requirements Chloroform solutions of: squalene, Cl -tocopherol (vitamin E), eholesterol, methyl oleate and methyl stearate, 2 to 5% w/v, GPR grades Chloroform solutions of mixtures of t hree of the above eompounds Phosphomolybdie acid spray reagent, 12% w/v i n ethanol, GPR grades Iodine , GPR grade Diethylether, methylbenzene (toluene) , GPR grade Chromatographie development tanks or t a ll beakers Plastie or aluminium foil baeked siliea gel TLC plates (same plates should incorporate a fluorescent indieator) Large sheets of absorbent paper ~lting-point tubes Pressurized spray-guns Infrared and ultraviolet lamps Hot-air blower Procedure 1.

Introduction to High Performance Liquid <1lromator-raphy, 2nd edn. 10. Chajman and Hall, London, 1982. Handbook of E1ectrode Techno1ogy. , 1982. FURTHER READING 11. , Infrared Spectranetry in Cllemical Analys is, Interactive Software for the BBC B Mierocomputer. Wiley, Chiehester, UK, 1985. 12. PEIlRY, J. , Introduet ion to Analytical Gas Chrormtography, History, Prineiples and Practice (Cllrormtography Science Series, Vo l 14). Mareel Dekker, New York, 1981. 13. F. , Contenporary Practiee of Chrormtography.

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