Download e-book for kindle: Get Through MRCOG Part 1: MCQs and EMQs by Rekha Wuntakal, Tony Hollingworth

By Rekha Wuntakal, Tony Hollingworth

ISBN-10: 1853159719

ISBN-13: 9781853159718

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ISBN-13: 9781853159763

Modelled at the present MRCOG syllabus, Get via MRCOG half 1: MCQs and EMQs is designed to check applicants' wisdom of easy and technologies in obstetrics and gynaecology. 350 MCQs and forty EMQs are offered, reflecting the extent of hassle and magnificence of the particular exam questions

This finished number of perform questions deals an invaluable evaluation of all components of the syllabus, to assist applicants attempt and check their wisdom and reduction thorough revision in training for the exam day. Written by means of a consultant Registrar and a expert in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and supplemented with worthwhile explanatory fabric, Get via MRCOG half 1: MCQs and EMQs is the fundamental revision instrument for all trainees getting ready for this exam

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True Note Both oestrogens and progesterones are produced by the ovary. Oestrogen stimulates endometrial growth and uterine growth. Both oestrogen and progesterone reduce bowel motility. Progesterone increases the respiratory drive and the body temperature and promotes sodium secretion. 47 © 2010 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC 1. Practice MCQs I: Answers 64a. True 64b. False 64c. False 64d. True 64e. True Note The pituitary is regulated by various hormones such as GnRH, TRH and CRH. GnRH stimulates LH and FSH.

Practice MCQs I: Questions 139. Staphylococcus aureus a. Is a Gram-negative organism b. Is a part of normal flora in skin c. Produces an endotoxin d. Is catalase positive e. Can cause toxic shock syndrome 140. Bacillus anthracis a. Is a Gram-positive spore-forming rod b. Is sensitive to ciprofloxacin c. Causes woolsorter’s disease d. Its capsule is made of lipopolysaccharide e. Produces exotoxin 141. Ectoderm gives rise to a. Enamel of teeth b. Epidermis c. Cartilage d. Kidney e. Smooth muscle 142.

The following are obligate intracellular pathogens a. Bacteria b. Fungi c. Viruses d. Chlamydia e. Rickettsias 135. Endotoxin a. Is a protein substance b. Is heat labile c. Activates macrophages to release interleukins d. Can be modified by chemicals to produce a toxoid e. Is secreted by bacterial cells 136. The following organisms produce an exotoxin a. Clostridium tetani b. Clostridium perfringens c. Clostridium botulinum d. Corynebacterium diphtheriae e. Pseudomonas aeruginosa 137. The following exotoxins are examples of protein synthesis inhibitors a.

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