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At the present time, radar in a single shape or one other is probably going to show up far and wide: on the street, on the waterfront, in an underground motor-road. by means of a ways the widest use of radar is made through the army and scientists. In all of those fields millions upon millions of radar units are at paintings. a few of them are sufficiently small to be equipped into spectacles, others weigh 1000's of plenty.

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Vertical columns of LEDs are an alternative way of indicating the signal level. What does the producer need to know about all this? First, that if a programme is to be carried by both monaural and stereo transmitters, some thought has to be given to the question of compatibility. 12 Mono mics and faders create a stereo effect when their pan-pots are set to give a left and right placing to each sound source Material designed for stereo can sound pointless in mono, or even technically bad. For example, speech and music together can be distinguished in stereo purely because of their positional difference; in mono the same mix may be unacceptable, since a difference in level is needed.

Cynicism: sarcastically to doubt or despise human sincerity and merit; to be incredulous of human goodness or integrity. Scepticism: to be inclined to suspend judgement, given to questioning the truth of stated facts and the soundness of inferences. Not only should journalists be sceptical about what they see and hear, but should be sceptical about their ability to know what it means, and this requires another essential quality – humility. The status of the media Given some pretty high-sounding aspirations by editors in general, they quickly founder if the climate in which they operate is repressive or unduly censorious.

In common with other performing arts such as film, theatre and television, the hallmark of the good communicator is that the means are not always apparent. Basic craft skills are seldom discernible except to the professional, who recognizes in their unobtrusiveness a mastery of the medium. 18 The radio studio 19 There are programme producers who declare themselves uninterested in technical things; they will leave the mixer or computer operation to others so that they can concentrate on ‘higher’ editorial matters.

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