Good Manners during Special Occasions by Ann Ingalls PDF

By Ann Ingalls

Explains what special day manners are, how they need to be used, and in what occasions they need to be used.

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Reeves looked as if she’d been pierced through the heart. ” she asked, her voice thin and wavery. Jeri’s heart sank. Earlier Mrs. Reeves had said her son wanted to be alone a lot. Was he tired of taking care of her? Oh, Lord, please don’t let that be true. After the officers drove away, Jeri took Mrs. Reeves’s coffee cup to the kitchen for a refill. She hoped a jolt of caffeine would shake the older woman out of her frozen state. She hadn’t moved a muscle since they left. The tiny kitchen was cluttered, with half a dozen small appliances and many prescription bottles covering the countertops.

After handing out her last rolls, Jeri searched the area for Jake Philips. Finally, on the other side of the fire truck she spotted a white van with a satellite dish on top. Yes! He’d made it! Odd, though, that there weren’t any other news crews. Surely the school and police weren’t keeping it secret. In any case, thanks to her quick thinking, Jake and some purple-haired camera girl were already there. Jeri glanced behind her where the police were organizing the milling crowd into search parties.

The waitress got Jeri her ninety-five-cent brownie, which she wolfed down. She wished she had three more. Jeri patted her pocket, hoping the recorder was working right. Then she went to introduce herself. Mr. Atwood’s eyes bulged like a bullfrog, his hair was parted down by his left ear and combed over the top of his balding skull in long greasy strands. He was more than willing to talk. “Yes,” he said, “I sat over there in the window from 3:30 to 5:15. I was afraid my folks wouldn’t find my new house.

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Good Manners during Special Occasions by Ann Ingalls

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