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By Ann Ingalls

Explains what cell manners are, how they need to be used, and in what occasions they need to be used.

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In each of the following sentences the meaning of run and the sign for run is different: He runs every morning before work; The senator is running for reelection; My nose is running; She runs a large company. Each sign in ASL has three basic features: handshape, position, and movement. Handshape is usually a letter in the manual alphabet or a modification of a letter. The modified handshapes used in this book are shown in the chart on page 53. Position refers to the initial placement of the hands when beginning a sign.

The sign illustrations show how to sign the concept once. Page 54 Sign Descriptions balls Both hands C shape; palms facing; put hands in front of chest with thumbs and fingertips touching, then move hands apart and back together several times. bugs 3 shape; palm left; place thumb on nose and bend index and middle fingers a few times. chickens Thumb and index finger straight and touching, other fingers closed; palm facing out; place hand at side of mouth and open and close thumb and index finger several times.

Publisher : Gallaudet University Press isbn10 | asin : print isbn13 : 9780930323370 ebook isbn13 : 9780585103273 language : English subject American Sign Language--Juvenile literature, Counting--Juvenile literature, Sign language, Counting. G55 1988eb ddc : 419 subject : American Sign Language--Juvenile literature, Counting--Juvenile literature, Sign language, Counting. Page ii Kendall Green Publications An imprint of Gallaudet University Press Washington, DC 20002 © 1988 by Gallaudet University.

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