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By Keen, K. J

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Content material: bankruptcy 1 easy strategies (pages 21–43): bankruptcy 2 timber (pages 45–69): bankruptcy three colorations (pages 71–82): bankruptcy four Directed Graphs (pages 83–96): bankruptcy five seek Algorithms (pages 97–118): bankruptcy 6 optimum Paths (pages 119–147): bankruptcy 7 Matchings (pages 149–172): bankruptcy eight Flows (pages 173–195): bankruptcy nine Euler excursions (pages 197–213): bankruptcy 10 Hamilton Cycles (pages 26–236): bankruptcy eleven Planar Representations (pages 237–245): bankruptcy 12 issues of reviews (pages 247–259): bankruptcy A Expression of Algorithms (pages 261–265): bankruptcy B Bases of Complexity idea (pages 267–276):

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Within the spectrum of arithmetic, graph concept which experiences a mathe­ matical constitution on a collection of parts with a binary relation, as a well-known self-discipline, is a relative newcomer. In contemporary 3 many years the interesting and swiftly turning out to be quarter of the topic abounds with new mathematical devel­ opments and demanding purposes to real-world difficulties.

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A) What brought the graph to your attention? (b) Write down the information that graph communicates to you. (c) What questions do you have after viewing the graph? 3. Pick up a copy of a weekly news magazine and clip out the articles that use graphs. (a) List the titles of articles that use graphics. EXERCISES 21 (b) (c) (d) (e) How do these graphics compare to the newspaper graphics? Pick out the best example of a graph that illustrates the text. Analyze the graph in relation to the ACCENT rule.

These amounts are reported to the nearest hundred of American dollars (referred to as United States dollars in United Nations documents). 1 Appropriations in Resolution 62/327 of the United Nations General Assembly The United Nations leadership would likely prefer to view the process as leading to a biennium budget as deterministic. 1 are the result of a complex random process. For each one hundred dollars intended to be spent, there are fourteen possible nonnumerical categorical outcomes. For those responsible for expenditures at the United Nations, the distribution of hundreds of dollars to the expenditure accounts does result in fixed amounts being delivered on account.

B) Have you encountered the ACCENT rule before? Do you think it likely that you will use it to frame criticisms of graphics presented to you? Do you think it likely that you will use it when you create graphics for yourself and others? (c) Discuss any new concepts or considerations regarding statistical graphics that you learned. Comment on whether these will contribute to you being a more critical consumer or producer of graphical displays in the future. 10. In preparation for reading subsequent chapters, consider all the different graphical displays that you already know.

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