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By Mikhail Lyubich, Leon Takhtajan

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The Stony Brook convention, 'Graphs and styles in arithmetic and Theoretical Physics', was once devoted to Dennis Sullivan in honor of his 60th birthday. The event's clinical content material, which used to be instructed by way of Sullivan, was once mostly in accordance with mini-courses and survey lectures. the most proposal used to be to assist researchers and graduate scholars in arithmetic and theoretical physics who stumble upon graphs of their study to beat conceptual obstacles. the gathering starts off with Sullivan's paper, 'Sigma versions and string topology', which describes a heritage algebraic constitution for the sigma version in response to algebraic topology and transversality. different contributions to the amount have been equipped into 5 sections: Feynman Diagrams, Algebraic constructions, Manifolds: Invariants and reflect Symmetry, Combinatorial features of Dynamics, and Physics.These sections, in addition to extra research-oriented articles, comprise the subsequent surveys: 'Feynman diagrams for pedestrians and mathematicians' by means of M. Polyak, 'Notes on common algebra' by means of A. Voronov, 'Unimodal maps and hierarchical types' via M. Yampolsky, and 'Quantum geometry in motion: substantial bang and black holes' by way of A. Ashtekar. This entire quantity is acceptable for graduate scholars and examine mathematicians drawn to graph thought and its purposes in arithmetic and physics

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Within the spectrum of arithmetic, graph idea which experiences a mathe­ matical constitution on a suite of components with a binary relation, as a well-known self-discipline, is a relative newcomer. In fresh 3 many years the fascinating and speedily starting to be region of the topic abounds with new mathematical devel­ opments and demanding purposes to real-world difficulties.

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Then we obtain the real Banach space Lp (Ω, F, μ) = Lp ((Ω, F, μ); R) and, for p = 2, the real Hilbert space L2 (Ω, F, μ), which is equipped with the scalar product (x, y) → x(ω)y(ω)μ(dω). 6, let T ∈ R++ , set Ω = [0, T ], and let μ be the Lebesgue measure. Then we obtain the Hilbert space L2 ([0, T ]; H), which is T equipped with the scalar product (x, y) → 0 x(t) | y(t) H dt. In particular, when H = R, we obtain the classical Lebesgue space L2 ([0, T ]) = L2 ([0, T ]; R). , a measure space such that P(Ω) = 1.

Suppose that T is Fr´echet differentiable at x. Then the following hold: (i) T is Gˆ ateaux differentiable at x and the two derivatives coincide. (ii) T is continuous at x. Proof. Denote the Fr´echet derivative of T at x by Lx . (i): Let α ∈ R++ and y ∈ H {0}. Then T (x + αy) − T x − Lx y = y α converges to 0 as α ↓ 0. 6 Differentiability 43 (ii): Fix ε ∈ R++ . 42), we can find δ ∈ ]0, ε/(ε + Lx )] such that ε y . Thus (∀y ∈ B(0; δ)) T (x+y)− (∀y ∈ B(0; δ)) T (x+y)−T x−Lx y ε y + Lx y δ(ε + Lx ) ε.

64) Thus x ∈ n∈N Cn . 58), we deduce that (∀n ∈ N) 2f (xn+1 ) − f (x). Hence lim f (xn ) f (x). 61) imply that f (xn ) f (x) < f (z) lim f (xn ), which is impossible. Therefore, (iii) lim f (xn ) holds. 47 Let (X1 , d1 ) and (X2 , d2 ) be metric spaces, let T : X1 → X2 , and let C be a subset of X1 . 65) (∀x ∈ X1 )(∀y ∈ X1 ) d2 (T x, T y) βd1 (x, y), locally Lipschitz continuous near a point x ∈ X1 if there exists ρ ∈ R++ such that the operator T |B(x;ρ) is Lipschitz continuous, and locally Lipschitz continuous on C if it is locally Lipschitz continuous near every point in C.

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