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By Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W. M. Mitchell

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Gray’s simple Anatomy equips you with all the basic anatomy info you must know, in a concise, effective, high-yield format! This new clinical textbook allows you to study efficiently whereas being convinced on your mastery of the most very important anatomical concepts.

  • See the medical implications with "Clinical Apps," "Imaging Apps," and floor anatomy containers throughout.
  • Get a transparent photograph with conscientiously chosen illustrations which are effortless to profit from, sleek in layout, and concisely labeled.
  • Access a wealth of ancillary fabric on-line for a greater total figuring out of the topic together with a floor anatomy device, case stories, self-test questions, and extra at

Trust Gray’s to grasp the necessities of anatomy.

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Humerus in the upper limb; femur in the lower limb). , bones of the wrist and ankle). , skull). , bones of the face). ⌀ Sesamoid bones are round or oval bones that develop in tendons. Bones are vascular and are innervated. Generally, an adjacent artery gives off a nutrient artery, usually one per bone, which directly enters the internal cavity of the bone and supplies the marrow, spongy bone, and inner layers of compact bone. In addition, all bones are covered externally, except in the area of a joint where articular cartilage is present, by a fibrous connective tissue membrane called the periosteum, which has the unique capability of forming new bone.

This treatment is referred to as a bone marrow transplant. 9 The Body Synovial joint Sheath Synovial membrane Joint capsule Fat pad Fibrous membrane A Bone Articular cavity Tendon Articular cavity Articular disc Bone Hyaline cartilage Bone Bone Solid joint Bone A Hyaline cartilage Bone Articular cavity Fibrous membrane B Bone Connective tissue B Bone Fig. 13 Joints. A. Synovial joint. B. Solid joint. Clinical app Skin Synovial Bursa membrane Fig. 14 Synovial joints. A. Major features of a synovial joint.

19 The Body Generally, all sensory information passes into the posterior aspect of the spinal cord, and all motor fibers leave anteriorly. Somatic sensory fibers carry information from the periphery into the CNS and are also called somatic sensory afferents or general somatic afferents (GSAs). The modalities carried by these nerves include temperature, pain, touch, and proprioception. Proprioception is the sense of determining the position and movement of the musculoskeletal system detected by special receptors in muscles and tendons.

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