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Understandably, however, it might be difficult to fashion a modulated atom reservoir that covers the entire suite of elements whose simultaneous determination is desired. A similar but more direct approach would be to modulate the concentration of the analyte itself. In this concept, only the desired species (the analyte) would be modulated in concentration, so a detector tuned to the modulation frequency would ignore any direct current (DC) background or other species whose concentrations are not being varied.

J. E. (2005) Development of field modulation in a split-field drift tube for high-throughput multidimensional separations. J. , 4, 25–35. 12. L. E. (2003) A split-field drift tube for separation and efficient fragmentation of biomolecular ions. Anal. , 75, 6202–6208. 13. W. M. (2004) Characterization of a focal plane camera fitted to a Mattauch–Herzog geometry mass spectrograph. II. Use with an inductively coupled plasma. Anal. , 76, 2531–2536. 14. J. M. (1994) Easily ionizable element interferences in ICP-AES Part II.

1. Termed ‘selective spectral-line modulation’, this scheme provides an effective narrowing of the spectral bandpass of any optical monochromator or spectrometer with which it is combined. It involves interposing an atom reservoir between the emission source and the detector. When the concentration of atoms in the reservoir is raised and lowered, atomic absorption goes up and down accordingly. However, because only the absorption lines of atoms in the reservoir undergo this modulation, only the resonance lines corresponding to those transitions will be similarly modulated.

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