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Twenty-two fragments, ranging from 7 to 587 nucleotides in length are formed through the hydrolysis of pBR322 with HaeXll. The series of peaks ranging from 40 to 55 min has been determined by electrophoresis to contain frag­ ments rangingfrom200 to 400 nucleotides in length. [Courtesy of Floyd et al. 2 (57). The stability of this phase at the higher pH level has been thought to result fom the polyethylenimine layer acting as a protective coating. a. Proteins. Difficulties have arisen in separating proteins by conven­ tional HPLC materials due to intramolecular complexity, size, and chem ical variability of this class of biopolymers.

86). * All capacities are in mEq/gram. 02 phenylalanine modified phases the resolution of the tetramers on the APS л phase was independent of acetonitrile concentration. Resolution on the phenyalanine phase significantly increased from 10 to 20% acetonitrile. The hydrophobic nature of this modified ligand was thought to contribute to the retention of short oligomers. Under increasing acetonitrile concentration, capacity factors (kf) of (Up)3U and (Ap)3A were compared between the four aliphatic modified supports and the unmodified Hypersil NH2.

0 ml/mm. ] heterogeneity will not only introduce an improved class of stationary phases for the separation of complex mixtures, but should ultimately improve our understanding of solute-solute interactions within the biological systems that such phases mimic. 0OS - TIMEJh) Flo. 17. 0 M (NHJ1SO4, Hnear gradient from 0 to 30% B in 60 min. 6 ml/min. ] 1. H. Hemetsberger, M. Kellermann, and H. Ricken, Ckromatographia 10,726 (1977). 2. R. E. Majors, J. Chromatogr. Set. 15, 334 (1977). 3. L. R. Snyder, Anal.

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