New PDF release: High-speed circuit board signal integrity

By Stephen C Thierauf

ISBN-10: 1580531318

ISBN-13: 9781580531313

This completely up to date modern circuit layout source deals the information had to fast pinpoint transmission difficulties which can compromise the full circuit layout. This new version demonstrates tips to practice EM thought to resolve sign integrity issues of a realistic application-oriented procedure. Discussing either layout and debug concerns at gigabit in keeping with moment information premiums, the booklet serves as a pragmatic reference for tasks related to high-speed serial signaling on published wiring forums.

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Field-solving software should be used to properly determine the magnitude of frequency-dependent resistance. This is especially true when multiple lines having a small w/h ratio share a common return, as the return currents for these type lines will tend to overlap, effectively increasing the loop resistance. 625). 8 Current spreading in return path for microstrips of various heights. Nonetheless, provided the limitations are understood, simple hand calculations that approximate the resistance are valuable during initial engineering studies or when using a field solver for the first time.

5027/2/99, Allied Signal Laminate Systems, 1999. [9] “Megtron(r) PPO/Epoxy Resin System,“ Data Sheet No. , January 30, 2003. [10] “Epoxy/Polyphenylene Oxide Resin,“ Data Sheet Revision R, GE Electro Materials, November 21, 2001. , Applying High-Frequency Materials in Wireless and other RF Applications: Materials and Bonding Agents, applications note, Forest Grove, OR. , “RO4000 Series High Frequency Circuit Material Data Sheet,” No. 92-004, Advanced Circuit Materials, Chandler, AZ. [13] Nelco Products, Fullerton CA.

As shown, the capacitance of etch 2 is the sum of the capacitance to ground (C20) plus the mutual capacitance from etch 2 to etches 1 and 3. This will change the apparent capacitance (and as shown in Chapter 8, the impedance) of etch 2 if the neighboring etches are close enough to make C12 and C23 large relative to C20. 4. (b) Because in this case etches 1 and 3 switch at a rate identical to etch 2, there is never a difference in voltage between them and etch 2. The only difference in charge is from conductor 2 to ground.

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