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By this time, the ground crew had been assembled on the landing field. As the ship descended along the mast, it was to be guided into place—and eventually held down—by 119 men on the landing lines—68 at the bow and 46 at the stern. Crew members on the ship would drop steel cables called “spiders” along which were multiple manila ropes, each with a wooden handle. It was the line handlers’ job to bring the ship down to the proper point and then manually hold it down—fighting crosswinds if necessary—while another 80 men secured the ship to two heavy railroad cars at the bow and stern.

One lazy and eventually very unlucky reporter for the International News Service decided he did not need to go to Lakehurst. Equipped beforehand with the passenger list, he spent the afternoon in a bar, phoning in his story at the appropriate time he thought the Hindenburg would land. When he discovered what had happened, he did not even bother to go back to his office, knowing he would be fired. He was, and so was a newsreel cameraman who grew bored with waiting, left the field during the afternoon, and went to a movie and lost track of the time.

A few feet above their heads were gas cells No. 4 and 5. Once the line was clear, it fell to the ground like the rest. As each hit the earth, onlookers could see clouds of dust puff up, a fact that would later become important. The Hindenburg was now only about 150 feet off the ground, the line handlers straining to keep it steady. W. ” As the ship drifted lower, line handler Francis Hyland was looking up toward the lower fin, hoping to see the large signature he had placed there the previous year.

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