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By David Weber

ISBN-10: 0743435729

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Correct girl, incorrect PLACE

It's challenging to offer peace an opportunity whilst the opposite aspect regards conflict because the useful prelude to conquest, and a sneak assault because the top ability therefore. That's why the dominion of Manticore wishes allies opposed to the so-called ""Republic"" of Haven--and the planet Grayson is simply the appropriate strategic position to make a good best friend certainly. yet Her Majesty's overseas place of work had neglected a ""minor cultural difference"" after they selected Honor Harrington to hold the flag: girls on this planet Grayson are with out rank or rights; Honor's very presence is an insupportable affront to each male at the planet.

At first Honor doesn't take it in my view; the place she comes from gender discrimination is simply a old reminiscence, correct up there in importance to worry of the left-handed. yet in time such therapy as she gets from the Graysonites does develop into donning, and Honor could withdraw if she could--but then Grayson's fratricidal sister planet assaults by surprise and she or he needs to remain and be successful, not only for Honor's honor, yet for her sovereign's, for--THE HONOR OF THE QUEEN.

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I want to talk about your future," Kit said, sitting back and toying with the edge of his plate. When Skeeter just stared, the grizzled former scout gave him that world famous jack-o-lantern grin and chuckled. "All right, Skeeter. You've been remarkably patient. " He dug into the briefcase and dropped a sheaf of computer printouts onto the table. Skeeter looked curiously into Kit's eyes, but the retired scout merely stuffed more of his expensive lunch into his weathered face, so Skeeter picked up the stack and riffled through it.

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