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Typical industrial gamma sterilization plant (photograph: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)). 26 Description of use The gamma sterilization plant is not strictly a device. It is a shielded building in which a large number of 60Co sources are housed in an array. The product requiring gamma sterilization is put into the shielded area and exposed to the sources for the period required to deliver the gamma dose required to kill bacteria. Typically sources are exposed in the shielded building during the irradiation process, but are then lowered by remote control into a pit or water filled pond to provide shielding if access to the shielded room is required.

40. Typical 238Pu/Be neutron oil well logging source. 49 FIG. 41. Typical neutron oil well logging source transport and storage containers. FIG. 42. Typical neutron oil well logging source transport and storage container. Description of use These devices typically use a single 241Am/Be neutron source. A small number of units using 238Pu/Be or 252Cf spontaneous fission material were also manufactured but are now largely obsolete. Oil well logging is the operation of taking various geophysical measurements in oil wells to evaluate their performance and viability in exploration and production.

The bull plug is stored in a dedicated shielded storage and transport container until required for use. The bull plug is then transferred into the instrument array just before it is lowered into the oil well, thus exposing the radiation of the source, unshielded briefly. At this point, a controlled area is set up around the bull plug to prevent exposure of personnel. In general, oil well logging sources and bull plugs are well controlled with few reports of orphan sources, but because of their mobile nature there is significant scope for loss or misappropriation.

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