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By Eric Flint

ISBN-10: 0671878859

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Belisarius is all that stands among the alien Malwa and the domination of sixth-century Earth. The ruthless supermind that controls the Malwa intends first to rule the area after which to place its stamp upon all eternity. Guided through visions from a destiny which could by no means be, Belisarius and his partners needs to struggle their method throughout Northern India, looking the center of the enemy's strength. opposed to them are numbers, savagery and an icy inhuman intelligence that's with out weak spot or mercy. And Belisarius has one other enemy to cope with, in the direction of domestic: in Constantinople, his personal emperor, Justinian the nice, starts to work out him as a threat...

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And, besides, she had been trained by Raghunath Rao, the quintessential Maratha. ” she repeated. “If he had refused to execute them, he would have given the lie to our carefully crafted image of a man contemplating treason. All that careful work—your work too, Eon, pretending to be a vicious brute with no thought for anything beyond gratifying your lusts—gone for nothing. Months of work—a year’s work, now. ” Her voice was filled with cold, imperial scorn. “For what? Mercy? Do you think Skandagupta would have permitted the survival of Ranapur’s potentate and his family?

The first thing we’ll start making when we get back to Rome. Thump. Thump. Thump. THUMP. The very first thing. The explosions ceased. Cautiously he raised his head. Then he levered himself out from under his soil-and-stone-covered shield. Grimacing, he brushed a piece of bloody gore off his leg. He looked to his cataphracts. All three, he saw with relief, were also rising to their feet. None of them seemed injured, beyond a dazed look in their eyes. Menander’s horse was lying nearby, kicking feebly.

Do you think Skandagupta would have permitted the survival of Ranapur’s potentate and his family? Nonsense! They would simply have been taken away and tortured to death. As it was, they died as quickly as possible. ” The Empress bestowed a quick, approving glance on Valentinian. The cataphract was standing to one side of the little command circle, along with Anastasius and Menander. They had been offered stools, but had politely refused them. Belisarius’ bucellarii had their own ingrained customs, drilled into them by their leader Maurice.

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