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By Guillermo Baca Currea

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Striking similarities in the fiscal policy strategies pursued by the Clinton and Blair administrations reflect their mutual commitment to similar core policy beliefs. 24 A neoliberal paradigm shift in the fiscal policy subsystem has occurred in the United States and Britain since the 1980s In analyzing policy ideas and outcomes over time through a chronicled comparison of the Reagan and Thatcher governments with the Clinton and Blair administrations, we are able to present historical-empirical evidence that a transpartisan consensus over economic ideas has occurred in the two countries.

The idea that rising and apparently uncontrollable deficits could seriously damage a given nation’s productivity began to be championed by moderates belonging to both the right and left of center. It was increasingly feared that massive debt financing would inevitably lead to an explosion of the money supply. Under these conditions, policy experts feared that both bond prices and exchange rates would plummet and domestic inflation would soar. 22 Policy ideas and partisan convergence Paradigms, coalitions, and directional shifts 2 23 Paradigms, coalitions, and directional shifts in economic policy This chapter examines the role of executive leaders and coalitions within policy subsystems in shaping major shifts in national economic policy in the United States and Britain.

Bush). By the early to mid-1990s, the deficit issue emerged as a salient and ubiquitous concern among politicians and voters on both sides of the political spectrum. This was driven by a series of important developments. Hardcore deficit cutters, who embraced some combination of monetarist and conservative ideas, had successfully framed the deficit issue as the leading cause of declining investment and unsatisfactory economic performance. Leading deficit reduction advocates in the United States, such as Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan, were convinced that declining investment stemmed directly from disparities between long-term and short-term interest rates caused by the enormous size of the public debt.

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