New PDF release: Inquiries and Provocations: Selected Writings 1929–1974

By Herbert Feigl (auth.), Robert S. Cohen (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9789401094269

The identify is his personal. Herbert Feigl, the provocateur and the soul (if we could placed it so) of modesty, wrote to me a few years in the past, "I'm extra of a catalyst than manufacturer of latest and unique rules all my lifestyles . . . ", yet then he com­ pleted the self-appraisal: " . . . with quite a few exceptions perhaps". we'd like now not argue for the artistic nature of catalysis, yet will easily comment that there are 'new and unique rules' within the twenty-four papers chosen for this quantity, within the remarkable aperrus of the 25-year-old Feigl in his Vienna dissertation of 1927 on Zufall und Gesetz, within the inventive critique and articulation in his classical monograph of 1958 at the 'Mental' and the 'Physical'; and the reader probably want to flip to a few of the seventy different titles in our Feigl bibliography appended. Professor Feigl has been a version philosophical employee: principally else, sincere, self-aware, open-minded and open-hearted; keenly, devotedly, or even arduously the scholar of the sciences, he has been a truth seeker and an empiricist. Early on, he introduced the Vienna Circle to the US, and lots more and plenty later he helped to carry it again to significant Europe. the tale of the logical empiricist flow, and of Herbert Feigl's half in it, has frequently been instructed, importantly by means of Feigl himself in 4 papers we've got incorporated here.

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Skinner, as a latter-day homologue of Ostwald's. "] On the whole the sort of Aufkliirung pursued by the nineteenth and twentieth century positivists was more in the tradition of Hume than in that of the French materialists of the eighteenth century, as for example, of the remarkable Baron d'Holbach. The anti theological and antimetaphysical tendencies of the positivists were supported primarily by epistemological rather than by cosmological arguments. Thus it was news to the theologians and metaphysicians, and it took their breath away (at least temporarily), when they were told that they were not making sense rather than that their beliefs were utterly unwarranted.

Falsity, no matter how it may arise, ultimately consists in the equivocal use of words through which a one-to-many correspondence results between them and what they denote. Thus, if I call a given tree an oak when it actually is an elm, I am using the word 'oak' ambiguously in that it would then be assigned to both kinds of tree. Schlick rejected any sort of picture view of representative language. All that seemed to matter for him was the abstract relation of correspondence (in German, Zuordnung).

Aware of all this I must admit the present essay is indeed no more than a confessio fidei. Hence I am far from confident that I could offer a 'message' that would be acceptable to any but kindred spirits. ] 2. THE ORIGIN AND SPIRIT OF LOGICAL POSITIVISM [1969a] Logical positivism began to form a fairly definite outlook in philosophy about forty years ago. As is well known, it was primarily the influence of Ludwig Wittgenstein and Rudolf Carnap that initiated the early phase of this - then new and radical - departure from the traditional ways of philosophizing.

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