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In fact, studies with chromosome translocations have identified the short arm of chromosome 9 as the locus of the interferon production gene; however, some studies have suggested other chromosomal loci for beta interferon production (chromosomes 2 and 5). Additional hybrid-cell line studies have indicated that monkey interferon production is correlated with the presence of monkey chromosome 22. So far human interferons other than type beta have not been identified with specific chromosomal loci.

Late inducers take 6-16 hr to induce interferon production and include most viruses, tilorone, and the several anionic polymers. Production of gamma Interferons in T cells after induction with antigens or mitogens is a much slower process, taking from 3 days for phytohemagglutinin to 7 days for poke weed mitogen. Understanding of the biological aspects of interferon induction has been facilitated by remarkably sensitive assays for interferon mRNA. In devising these assays, two properties of interferon have been exploited.

Both virus (open circles) and interferon (closed circles) were found in the blood 48 hr after injection. ) 0 Both viral and nonviral inducers have been employed to produce interferon in experimental animals and man. Whereas nonviral inducers such as endotoxin or polylC gave rise to interferon production over a 2-8 hr period, viral induction usually took longer. This distinction may be artificial as viruses may have to initiate their replication, or at least be processed in some manner to induce interferon.

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