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The speculation of Λ-trees has its starting place within the paintings of Lyndon on size features in teams. the 1st definition of an R-tree used to be given through titties in 1977. the significance of Λ-trees was once tested via Morgan and Shalen, who confirmed the best way to compactify a generalisation of Teichmüller house for a finitely generated team utilizing R-trees. In that paintings they have been resulted in outline the assumption of a Λ-tree, the place Λ is an arbitrary ordered abelian staff. for the reason that then there was a lot development in realizing the constitution of teams performing on R-trees, particularly Rips' theorem on unfastened activities. There has additionally been a few growth for yes different ordered abelian teams Λ, together with a few fascinating connections with version theory.Introduction to Λ-Trees will end up to be worthwhile for mathematicians and learn scholars in algebra and topology.

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An absolute value on a field F is a mapping F -+ K, a H lal, where K is an ordered field, such that for all a, b E F, (i) l a l ;::: 0, and la l = 0 if and only if a = 0; (ii) la + bl ::; lal + I b l ; (iii) la l l bl = l abl · For example, if F is an ordered field, we have noted that lal = max{ a, -a} gives an absolute value on F. The absolute value is called non-archimedean if it satisfies the stronger condition (ii)' l a + bl ::; max{ la l , I b l } · This second use of the term archimedean is unfortunate, but is well­ established.

S, and all four are equal to {s} otherwise. Assertion (ii) now follows from (3) and (6) . 6, the situation � was obtained by a possible per­ mutation of and Given and there are therefore two other possible cases ( which are not mutually exclusive) . The first is = � which is obtained from the first case by switching and We conclude that = = and The diagram in = 0 unless this case is x, y z. qx, =y r s z, [v, x] n [y, z] [s,p], p q [v , x] n [y, z] y r =z. q. r s q, 35 Definition and elementary properties x z r=s p=q y The third case, s = q ::; r is obtained by switching x and y in the first case.

If v = (vo , e l , . . , en, vn) E J(x, y) and real ( ei ) = real(ei+ l ) for some i, then we can omit Vi and ei+ 1 from v to obtain a new element of J(x, y), without increasing Iv (since de satisfies the triangle inequality, for every edge e). Also, if v = (vo , e l , . . 4, after replacing each ei by ei if necessary, e l , . . , en is a reduced path and Vi = (o( ei+ l )) = (t(ei)) for 1 ::; i < n, and this leaves Iv unaltered. Hence dr (x, y) = inf{lv I V E JI(X, y)} . Chapter 2. A-trees and their construction 48 If (VO , e l , .

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